Istoria Like-ului. Ce-a fost înainte de a deveni buton de Facebook

moneyUn articol foarte bun despre ce înseamnă, de fapt, like-ul. Înainte de a deveni buton, au fost cercetări de marketing. Încă de prin ’89, ca să fim corecţi pînă la capăt. În acelaşi timp, articolul e şi o explicaţie oarecum subtilă pentru lipsa unui buton de Dislike.

Facebook’s Like button has been lauded as a radically democratic tool allowing users to finally make their opinions heard, but the marketing field has always regarded the sovereign consumer’s opinions the most important element in the circuit of production. After all, sovereign consumers realize the value locked away in commodities: when they buy, the corporation gets paid. In order to have us be better value-realization machines, marketers know they need to know what we like. The Like button is a logical extension of the studies and practices developed by marketing since the 1990 ARF study and the USA Today Ad Meter system which, after all, have asked us to tell them what we like for decades.